Hot Stone Massage                          $110/80mins    

Cupping                                            $30/20mins

Sugar Foot Scrub Therapy           $10

Salt dehydrates the skin. That's why our foot scrub features sugar. Its naturally hydrating properties soothe, smooth and refresh from heel-to-toe.

Deep Muscle Therapy                    $10

Ease chronic muscle pain and tension with our warming and cooling therapy. The focused relief is ideal for anyone who suffers from chronic pain or limited mobility due to exercise, athletic training or overuse.

  Relaxing Swedish Massage             $65/60mins         $95/90mins        $125/120mins  

Enhanced Therapy to your massage session today:

Deep Tissue Massage                      $75/60mins        $105/90mins       $135/120mins

Services and Pricing

Sports  Massage                               $75/60mins        $105/90mins       $135/120mins

Medical Massage                             $75/30mins/AREA

Prenatal Massage                             $75/60mins        $105/90mins      

Foot Reflexology                               $40/30mins        $60/45mins

Aromatherapy                       $10

Aches & Pains: Traditionally used to decrease pain in muscles and joints, the warming blend of sweet birch, rosemary and cypress also helps aid tissue recovery after workouts.

Anxiety Release: Relax. This calming blend of lavender, chamomile and citrus helps ease nervousness, irritability and apprehension.

Lavender Garden: The combination of English true lavender and hybrid flower "lavandin" helps reduce pain and inflammation, calms the mind and promotes restful sleep.

Mint & Rosemary: Mint aids in natural pain relief. When paired with rosemary, it also helps increase circulation and improve focus.